How To Get Your Money Back From ACN!

How I Got My Money Back From ACN!

They do have a policy about getting a full refund within 10 days of signing your contract. But what if you are already over? 

I'll tell you what worked for me but I cannot guarantee it will work for you. 

  • If you payed with a credit card then you can try this. 

  • I called my credit card company and told them that it was not an authorized charge. That I did not receive anything from ACN payed $499. They ask you a bunch of questions such as, Did you know that the charge was being put through to your account. All I did was say yes, and that I mailed the letter of cancellation within the 10 days and I thought poof it was cancelled, But I looked on my statement wondering why I still have debt and there it is $499. 

  • The flaw of ACN is that they cannot prove that you didn't mail the letter in. Since they do not have a way of canceling online and its fax or mail only, things get "lost" in the mail. I also told the credit card company that I mailed it in and I don't know if they kept the letter until the 10 day period ended and just said that they didn't receive until after the 10 day period or what. 

This may or may not work for you, but get a plan stick to it, and call your credit card company, you don't have anything to lose since you already lost your $499. But after you get your $499 back make sure you cancel your ACN account. If you don't you are going to be charged the yearly fee. 


  1. Dude I emailed them to tell them that I wanted to cancel my account? Is it really only through mail/fax/phone?

    1. I joined sometime in October 2013. Now its April 2014. Can I still try your trick? Plz help me.

  2. yes it is only by mail or fax. you can call them but it wont help they want it in writing. did you get your refund?

  3. I just cacel mine by fax so how long do i have to wait?

  4. What number do I fax to?

  5. Google (704) 260-3652 - it will come up as Cancellation Fax#

  6. Did you type your letter what all did you put on it

  7. I joined sometime in October 2013. Now its April 2014. Can I still try your trick?

  8. I sent them an email saying i wanted to cancel.. and that was within 10 days but still they took my money. How can i get it back?

  9. Im in the same problem.
    I was not told properly, how it work,
    My sponsor did not have any idea because
    She was new and when I tried to ask her how it work then she replied you will know step by step. But it's more then a week and still havery no information.
    she just told me you can have one week trial
    And if your not happy then you can cancel it.
    But she said they do not take my money,
    It will cancel automatically. But it is not.
    They took my money. Rubbish.

  10. what do i need to say to acn or what do i need to fax acn in order to get my money back?

  11. Paying by credit card really is the best idea as you can cancel it fruther down the road. If not, you have only 10 days with ACN to get a refund, and IBOs often avoid telling you about this. Let's be honest, with all the crap they sell you, 10 days is not enough to get a good idea of the business.

    Be careful out there people

  12. How do I get a refund within the 10 days?

  13. Kindly guide me how to get refund in after three months from Ontario Canada? What is their address and or fax number to apply for refund?

  14. I'm from the UK. Do you think I can still try that method over here ??