Saturday, August 18, 2012

Is ACN really a scam?

Is ACN a Scam?

I was once an IBO for ACN. They make out to be this great company and state, "You Will Earn Money". Personally, I never made a dime from ACN, but I do know others who have. I'm writing to share my experiences with ACN and also to share what they don't tell you in those meetings they have.

What is ACN?

ACN is the world's largest direct marketing telecommunications company. is a company where you sell services such as cable, energy, phones, etc.. When you sign up you can sell their services to yourself or other companies and make profit off their bill they pay each month. It sounds very good since everybody pays their bills. The only problem is that you have to convince someone to switch over to a different company or cancel their existing companies just to sign up. 

The company works in stages. You won't make money unless you get people under you. You have to sell 7 services and have at least 2 people under you in order to make money. Now what if you sell 10 services and have 1 person under you. You won't make any income off until you get your second person. 

Is it a scam?

Well I would have to say no its not a scam, it is a real company. It is extremely difficult to make money though. I don't care what anybody argues, it is a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company. 
  • A big indicator here is the $499 sign up fee. Now you pay that and think your done. Well actually that's just the first of many things you'll be buying into the company. When you sign up your sponsor is going to tell you that you must get the back office for an additional $30 a month.

  • They don't tell you this up front but when you sign up they schedule you to do a meeting at your place. At first you think why? Well because it is a MLM (multi-level marketing) company. They focus more to get you to sell the items you thought you would be selling AFTER you get people under you. The worst part of it all is that they talk you through how you are supposed to call people, because ACN has a flawless plan on how to talk to people over the phone. That was sarcastic. They tell you to make up a list of people 100 people to call. 

My Experience and Struggles. 

Here's how my first meeting went. I called about 25 people (all I could think of), 14 said they would come, only 9 actually did come. So 9 were sitting there talking and having snacks and then the regional vice president comes in and does his thing. Right after he was done he went straight to being a used car salesmen like he was before he signed up. No one signed up and then they started to leave. Now the big regional vice president comes over and tries to get me to make another house meeting appointment. Like I called everyone I knew already I have no one else to call. I told him to wait till next week and I'll give him an answer. He litterally called me 3 times a day for 10 days straight.  

See the hardest part of this company is that you must fill 2 spots under you and sell 7 services to get qualified. Once you run out of people to call, then what? I gave up on the company and didn't bother ruining my relationships with my friends. I have read to many stories about people conning their friends into it so that they can make money. Friends can turn on you in an instant.  
  1. I could not sell one product to save my life. I already cancelled my $30 a month back office they forced me into signing up for. Why would I pay for something when I have nobody to view in it and no products sold to view.
  2. They say it takes time to become successful in this business. Yeah, right. Your own team leaders sell you business cards, flyers, everything you can think of they try and get you to use to sell those products. Because remember they're not making money if your not making money. 
  3. You have to depend on people. I hate to say it. I hate to depend on people, it seems like they always seem to let you down. There is one or two people that will stick through but most of the time nope. You must depend on them to not only sell products but to get people under them as well. The only way to move up the ladder is to get people to sign up other people as well as get qualified. 
  4. If you get two people under you one that gives up and doesn't bother getting qualified and then the other person gets qualified but can't get anyone under them. You have to look to get a 3rd person under you. Once again on the recruitment process. If they fail and don't do anything, where do you go from there?
  5. Don't buy anything from the company for yourself unless you are absolutely certain you will get qualified and those two people under you. Otherwise, you wasted your money because you have to sign these big two year contracts.  
  6. Also, the thing that I always see are debates about ACN. I mean it is for some people and for others its not. Of course people that strive to become this super rich ACN Rep will comment saying that it is the best company in the world, they don't want people to go to the site and say scam, I won't join it, and tell them they won't join their team. Like I said before, they depend on people. 
  7. Is ACN a scam?  I would have to say no. If you are persistent and you work very hard at selling your products as well as recruiting people under you then you will very well make a little money. 

Those are just my opinion's and statements on the experiences I have had with ACN. I know most people will have different experiences some will have the same. Leave some comments on what you think. Remember number 6 when you read these comments.